During the week, each camper will be given a Scripture memory workbook. The workbook contains every Bible verse for the week, with a space by each verse for counselor’s initials. Once a camper has studied a verse and is confident that they have it memorized, they may recite the verse to a counselor. If the counselor feels that the camper has recited the verse satisfactorily, they will sign their initials beside the verse.

Points will be awarded for each verse that has been initialed by a counselor, with extra points given for any camper that memorizes all of the Scriptures. These points will be used to accumulate towards the camper’s team score, and can have a great impact on the result.

Each camper should take care to write their name and their team color on their memory workbook. Points cannot be awarded without proof of the verses that have been memorized.

The Scripture for memorization will be announced at camp.