This year was my first year at camp. I thought it was awesome! The food was AMAZING!!! My friend loves to play basketball, and when she saw the hoop and court she was, so happy! She made me go down there and watch her everyday!! I got pretty dehydrated and began to get sick, and the nurses were amazing and so nice.

I think camp was awesome and can’t wait to come back next year!!!


Allison — Senior Camp

Bible Baptist Church

I went to my first year of camp when I was 10. It was amazing. The preaching was above and beyond what I expected, it was so great. The food is WAY better than other camps. A great part of camp is meeting new people and making lifelong friends. But the best part is how you really feel more in touch with God during camp. It gives you time away from your electronics and helps you be in touch with the Lord. I hadn’t been saved before coming to Camp Sagmount. During the services, I really felt and heard God, and I finally understood he wanted me to be saved. Once I had been saved, it felt like a weight off I have had a pretty hard year, but having being saved and looking forward to camp makes it much easier. See ya at camp guys!!

Liz — Junior Camp

Bible Baptist Church

I love camp; it is a blast to come to. I love hearing the word of God being said. The first time I went to camp I got saved on Thursday June 5th and that was a blessing. Then the second year I went to Camp Sagmount, I meet someone special on Thursday night. I am looking forward for a great time at camp this year. It’s a blast coming to Camp Sagmount!

Jasmine — Senior Camp

Bethel Baptist Church

The last year of junior camp I was having some troubles with trying to find my place in the world. I thought that was what I needed but I found out Thursday night that I needed to be fully surrendered to the LORD. I hope to go to Pensacola college and major in teaching and there after go to work in the church school of Faith Baptist Church in Olathe, Kansas.

Olivia — Junior Camp

Bible Baptist Church

Last year in 2013 on Wednesday, I was saved after six years of thinking I was saved, but I didn’t feel God in me. This year on Thursday night, I felt God speaking to my heart and I fully surrendered to Him for whatever He wants me to do. I am going to Heartland Baptist Bible College in 2015 and I will major in Missions because our great God has led me to this path and I am forever HIS.

Casey — Senior Camp

Bible Baptist Church

About half way through the year the kids in my church go to church camp at Sagmount. It only takes about us one hour on the road but when we’re there the four days we spend at camp seem like heaven. We get there in the blazing heat and I can’t wait to jump into the cool waters of the pool. Playing games and sports are fun, but the zip line is everybody’s favorite thing to do. We can go to the snack shack, the oasis of the camp, and buy all kinds of yummy treats. We can play our instruments and sing at camp too. I always see my friends and make new friends at camp. The best part of all is the hard preaching where all of us gather for a good message. I’m always looking forward to church camp at Camp Sagmount.

Grace — Junior Camp

Liberty Baptist Church

Well, at my house, camp is more looked forward to than Christmas!! We just love the great preaching, the Godly fellowship, and the chance to praise the Lord with our talents. (and have fun all the while!) I was saved at camp in 2011, and every year I come home with something new to fix, or do in my walk with the Lord. I really appreciate all of the people that make camp possible, and pray that God will bless your lives like he has mine through camp Sagmount!! 

Haven — Senior Camp

Liberty Baptist Church

Camp is good, no camp is great. In fact, I believe camp is the best place on earth. Most people say it’s Disney Land, but I disagree….it’s camp. I think our camp is the best, because it is. I’m a long-time camper and missing camp has never been an option. I wish I could live there! Something great always happens at camp and I love ti. Camps are the best 2 weeks of my year; the first day of camp is better than Christmas, my birthday, and opening day of deer season put together. 🙂 The atmosphere of it all is wonderful, the location is beautiful, and the group of people are great; the fellowship is uplifting and encouraging. It’s just a great place. I feel more at home at camp than at home. It’s a place I feel safe and can let my guard down. While you’re there, everyone’s just a big family. The food, let’s just say, you won’t go hungry. It’s better than any cafeteria food you will ever eat, I applaud the cooks! The rolls and ‘pickle pops’ are heavenly! 🙂

I can’t choose my favorite thing about camp. If you were to ask me, I could only think of one thousand answers… maybe more. Another aspect I love about camp though is the choir. It always blesses my heart to hear all those teens, just like me, singing for the Lord. It sends shivers down my spine, it’s indescribable. You have to hear it in person! Also, the prayer invested into this camp is part of what makes it great! There are people and churches across the country praying for our camp. My prayer and desire each year is for the Lord to speak to my heart…. and He has never let me down. He has used this camp as an avenue to change my life in countless different ways. 

One thing I suggest to every camper is to get involved! I think it makes for a great week. You get as much out of it as you put into it. Each year,  I’m nervous this year won’t be as amazing as the last, but each year, it’s better! I’ll be 18 this fall and next year will be my last year as a camper…  but I think we all know it won’t be my last. 🙂 I love this camp! Recently, I had one of a kid ask me, “Can you be my counselor again this year?” I consider that to be the ultimate compliment. 🙂

So, pack your bags… or, if you’re like me, your room…. prepare to get odd sunburns, sweat like crazy, lose your voice, and have the time of your life! I’ll see y’all at camp!

Lizzy — Senior Camp

Iola Baptist Temple

I’ve attended this camp for a few years now, and I wanted to share the impact it has made on my life. So, I’m from a good Christian home, we go to church every time the doors are open, and I’ve grown up actively involved in the ministries of Fundamental Independent Baptist churches. I’m one of the ‘good kids’. But even the good kids aren’t exempt from the things the ‘bad kids’ do or face. I went through a really tough time in my life. I was on a downward spiral to nowhere. My Job, family, and friendships among many other things fell apart. I became intensely depressed, played with prescription doses, I barely slept or ate, I abused myself in any possible way, and cut myself to the point I became so addicted to it I couldn’t stop. I got into some wrong relationships, played with ungodly music, and even contemplated suicide. I couldn’t see how life could get any worse, and yet, life continued to find ways to prove me wrong. All this was unknown to even those closest to me. I am not one who shows emotion – what’s the reason guys can’t cry anyway? But, come on, I’ve grown up in church, I know all the ‘answers’, and I do have a desire to serve God… why’s my life like this, why’s life have to be so difficult? I came to camp with a smile on my face, but miserable inside. That week, the Lord changed me. I sat through message after message of hard-core, intense preaching that was just for me, and just what I needed at that time. God used this camp to change my life, and I know He will do the same for you. It is an totally epic camp!  This camp holds a special place in my heart, as it does for all who attend Mid-American Baptist Youth Camp. Beat ya to the zip-line!

Josh — Senior Camp

Campers, do you have a testimony about your camping experience? If so, please submit your information here so that we can add it to this web page. Your experience could encourage a future camper to attend Mid-America Baptist Youth Camp!