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Mid-America Baptist Youth Camp!

Bro. David Corn preaching in the tabernacle with the heading 'Preaching God's Truth, Reaching Our Youth.' Bro. David Corn preaching in the tabernacle

Preaching God's Truth, Reaching Our Youth.

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Senior Camp

June 5-9

Park Sutton

Park Sutton

Junior Camp

June 26-30

John Waterloo

John Waterloo

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the official website of Mid-America Baptist Youth Camp (MABYC)! In this site, we will share with you the latest changes and updates to our camp and its operations. We are continually making improvements to our processes and standards. Please be in prayer for Bro. Park Sutton and all those who’ll attend senior camp. Senior camp is an important time in the life of our young people. There are so many distractions and “friends” pulling on them. It is for this reason that we ask that they do not bring cell phones, iPods, and other distractions to camp. If cell phones must be brought, please keep them in your care from the time that camp starts till the time that camp is over. We want the Lord to have a wide-open opportunity to work in the lives of our campers. Also, please pray for junior camp and Bro. John Waterloo. If we get the hearts of our kids young enough, we spare them the pain of bad friends and horrible influences. We know both of these men will come prepared to preach what the Lord has laid on their hearts. Let’s pray that campers will come prepared to hear and that each lesson and sermon will be pleasing to God. If any of the Camp Committee can be of any help, let us know. You will find our phone numbers included on the committee page. God bless you as you prepare for camp!

Serving to affect the lives of our precious young people,

Your Mid-America Baptist Youth Camp Committee